Climate Change Treaty: Glenn Beck interviews Lord Monckton

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

On 19th October 2009, just ahead of the US government signing the UN's Climate Change Treaty, Glenn Beck interviewed Lord Monckton who is visiting America in an effort to stop the treaty in its tracks.

As Monckton eloquently explains, the treaty is designed to herald in World Communism, lately touted as World Government, on the back of the global warming scam.

Every nation that signs it will thereby cede its sovereignty to the UN while wealth passes from the 'rich' nations to the 'developing' nations.

One assumes that one of the developing nations feeling hard done by is China, given that it thinks we've had an unfair head start on it.  Never mind that without the West's technical know-how, bestowed upon it by the US and Europe, it would still be in the dark ages.

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