Stand Firm Vaclav Klaus!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I'm writing to ask urge to sign a crucial petition that the TPA is running. As you may know, there is now only one man standing between the Lisbon Treaty (formerly known as the EU constitution) and ratification: President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic. President Klaus has come under huge pressure from the EU and other European leaders to sign the Treaty, but so far he has held out in the face of all the threats and incentives that have been offered to him.

Every single main party promised us a referendum at the last General Election, but we have been denied it. We are running a petition to send a message of support to President Klaus, and to urge him to hold out until we get that vote that we were promised. By contrast to our own leaders, who have betrayed their promise, he is sticking his neck out for our democracy as well as his own, so the least we can do is to express our thanks and express our support for him to continue his valiant action.

Please do sign the petition here and forward this message on to all of your friends and family - the more people who sign, the better our chance of getting that referendum.

Thank you for your support,

Matthew Elliott
Chief Executive
The TaxPayers' Alliance



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