New Franco-German Axis

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hot on the heels of Tuesday's news that the Lisbon Treaty will be implemented no matter what the outcome of the Irish referendum comes the news that France & Germany have agreed a secret accord. The drive is towards a two-tier EU and there's the possibility of a reciprocal placing of Ministers in their Cabinets (imagine a German or French Minister sitting in Brown's Cabinet!)

Joschka Fischer, a former German Foreign Minister, said the Franco-German axis  had to come into its own again whatever the fate of the Lisbon treaty: “The centre of gravity of Europe can only be Paris and Berlin.”

Sarkozy withdrew his backing for Blair as President of the EU some months ago but it now seems to be official.  The front-runners being considered are Felipe Gonz├ílez, the former Socialist Prime Minister of Spain, and Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg.
“Tony Blair is a man of the past and the United Kingdom is no longer any model,” said a French diplomat.
It's disingenuous of them to pretend that there are no EU Ambassadors or EU Embassies in place already.  Many of the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty are already in existence, being undertaken covertly so that once the treaty is formally ratified the project can be unleashed.

Ah, les Anglo-Saxons!  Constantly screwing up the German-France axis since 1939.  De Gaulle should have stuck to his principles and not allowed himself to be sweet-talked by Heath's entreaties.

The only correct British response should be: "Cry havoc!  And let slip the dogs of war.   Do your worst."

UPDATE: I forgot to link this: Jose Manuel Barroso has warned that there will be no EU Commissioner for the Czechs unless they ratify Lisbon. Any nation with an ounce of self-respect would tell the EU what to do with its threats, and I include Britain in that.  It's a disgrace that we have to look to Ireland, the Czech Republic, & Poland instead of having our own Referendum.
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