Thursday, 24 December 2009

This squalid government, made up of lying, thieving, cockwaffling Fabian scum, continues to sink lower.  Not one word they utter is true.  They smile while lying; it's their own form of Taqqiyah. With the help of a weak Opposition and the LibDems they have destroyed this country's institutions and called it 'progress'.   The country has been changed  beyond recognition in the name of 'modernisation'.  Yes, they have a 'commitment', but it isn't to this country or our country's Armed Forces.  Suddenly, being voted out of office (or as they like to call it, power) at the GE, is too good for them - it's too fair, too 'British'.

Major NATO training exercises cancelled.

In what must rank as one of the most fatuous responses ever, Bill Rammell, AF Minister, said:  “Given our current commitments we must ensure that  activity is focused on preparing our Forces for the challenges they will  face. Any suggestion that Service personnel are not ready to respond to the  unexpected is nonsense, as was seen in the fast and effective response to  the flooding in the North of England last month.” 

It's tough when people are concerned with hanging on to jobs and homes (more businesses have gone to the wall in this recession than did in the 90s) but more of us need to spare a moment to see the bigger picture and the destination.  EuroGendFor is looming.  Does anyone remember the saying:  You can't see the wood for the trees?


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