Brown Out Labour Out postcard campaign

Saturday, 8 May 2010

We need to keep the pressure up, to ensure that Brown and Labour do not cling on to an undemocratic and illegitimate government.

Direct action is required. I am not inclined towards law-breaking or violent disorder, and most people share this disinclination.

So, I suggest a postcard campaign.

  • Buy a pack of blank postcards and a book of second class stamps.
  • Write BROWN OUT LABOUR OUT in marker pen on every postcard.
  • Address them to 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.
  • Use as many stamps as are in the book. There will probably be postcards left over.
  • So, distribute the remaining postcards in public places. On buses, trains, council offices, pubs.

Inspired by Hans Fallada's Alone in Berlin, inspired in turn by an anti-Nazi postcard campaign in World War 2 Berlin (the campaigning couple were executed).

I'm off to the post office this afternoon. Spread the word.


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Jess The Dog said...

Dozen stamps: £3.84
25 postcards: £1.25

Total: £. 5.09

Cost of representative democracy...priceless.

8 May 2010 at 16:47