Brown Out Labour Out - why a Labour led government would be illegitimate

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Every major political figure is talking about the need for a "stable government" of some kind. However, Labour spinners - including the oily Ben Bradshaw - are claiming some sort of mandate for Brown based on a 'progressive' vote share. Thankfully, media commentators are laughing at their drivel.

There are only two legitimate outcomes of this horse trading.

1. Con-Lib majority coalition. This is the consensus option and achievable. Cameron can sell constitutional reform to his party if he finds a formula to deal with the fact that a block vote of Scottish Labour MPs can ram through policy on English matters (including ID cards) which don't affect their own constituents. The West Lothian Question, in other words. Also, reduce the number of MPs, which is a Tory proposal anyway. Europe is largely neutralised as an issue, Trident can be worked around, and the parties are not too far off on other matters.

2. Con minority government. The Tories are not too far short of a majority and can effectively the SNP do in Scotland. They have 36% of the vote share, which is more than Labour had in 2005.

Any Labour coalition would be illegitimate, unconstitutional, and without authority, for the following three reasons.

a. A Lab-Lib coalition would not have a majority.

b. Labour could theoretically scrabble for a marginal majority 'rainbow coalition' but it would not be a stable government.

c. Labour have 29% of the vote share. The Tories have 36% of the vote share. The only leader with a mandate is David Cameron. More people voted against Brown than voted for him.

I'm confident that Cameron and Clegg can work out things between them, or agree to differ and allow a Tory minority government to take office. However, Brown is clinging to power and his supposed Prime Ministerial statement yesterday was a tawdry grasping performance worthy of any doomed Communist leader in 1989...

A Brown or other Labour led government would be illegitimate, illegal, unconstitutional, without authority and a legitimate target for defiance, disobediance and overthrow.The internet is the place to mobilise opinion....thankfully the majority of media commentators share the view that a Brown or other Labour government would have no mandate.


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