The Fear that Wilders is Right

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Crossposted from All Seeing Eye and very relevant because it directly affects the state of the nation.

An excellent FrontPage Symposium discussing the attitudes of people who hate Wilders mainly because if he is correct their whole cosy world would disintegrate.

It't not often an article comes with arecommended reading all the way through tag but this one certainly scores. A flavour:

"Today we witness the blatant desperation in our culture and media for a “moderate Islam” — an Islam that many non-Muslims vehemently insist exists, but that mysteriously eludes them. This moderate Islam will make everything better, we are told, once the “extremists,” who are the “minority” in Islam, will be sedated. This sedation will be most easily achieved, the argument continues, when the Islamophobes stop blaming Islam after Islamic terrorists point to Islamic scriptures in explaining what inspired them to perpetrate their terrorist attacks.
Meanwhile, in terms of the planet that we happen to be occupying, a “moderate Islam” is nowhere to be found; no school of Islamic jurisprudence exists that counsels Muslims to renounce the Qur’an’s teachings on Islamic supremacism and the obligation of violent jihad. And yet, to suggest the truth of this reality in our culture gets one only the accusation of being a racist and an “Islamophobe.”
Head over here for some good reading.



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Durotrigan said...

There is of course no such thing as 'moderate Islam'. Wilders, who has previously stated that "there is no such thing as moderate Islam, but there are moderate Muslims" is almost correct, but for the sake of clarity I would suggest that we adopt a new form of terminology when dealing with the Islamic problem. We should therefore refer to and distinguish between 'doctrinaire Muslims' and 'nominal Muslims'. Doctrinaire Muslims are those people who actually believe in Islam and the teaching of the Qur'an, whereas nominal Muslims are those individuals born into Muslim families who do not believe in the Qur'an and who indeed may not even be theists.

There is no such thing as a moderate doctrinaire Muslim, for Islamic doctrine (no splitting hairs between sects here as they all agree on the incorruptible nature of the Qur'anic text) prescribes a second-class status for women, death to apostates, death to homosexuals and makes it incumbent upon the believer to spread Islam by whatever means necessary including “every stratagem of war”. It is a totalitarian system of belief in which life is part of religion rather than religion being part of life. There can be no accommodation with doctrinaire Muslims, even though their practise of taqiyya and kitman (systematic lying and the withholding of key information from infidels) in order to further their cause may gull some into thinking that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’. Islam, as any etymologist and doctrinaire Muslim knows, means ‘submission’.

Now, nominal Muslims are a different matter altogether. These people are victims, for they are trapped within families and usually wider ‘communities’ (in reality, Muslim colonies) which will not permit them to leave Islam, as the penalty for apostasy is death. They therefore hide their disbelief. Similarly, Muslim women who fall in love with non-Muslim men are often subjected to physical violence or killed in so-called ‘honour killings’ if they refuse to break off the relationship. In this manner, the boundaries of the Muslim ‘community’ are policed and maintained by powerful norms of behaviour which prevent it from dissolving into the wider society.

Nominal Muslims should be helped rather than victimised, but doctrinaire Muslims should be expelled from our societies to dwell in their Islamic ancestral homelands for they will never live in peace with non-Muslims and will always seek to subvert our societies and political systems using whatever means are to hand. Likewise, indigenous converts should also be stripped of their citizenship and expelled. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to distinguish doctrinaire from nominal Muslims, for the former possess special dispensation to pretend to deny their religion if they are temporarily under threat. Honesty, as you may have guessed, is not a feature of Islam (don’t ramble on about sectarian differences, all doctrinaire Muslims by definition subscribe to the message of the Qur’an which is, as Wilders says, a manual of hate designed for the waging of perpetual war until all submit to its strictures). For some recent footage of doctrinaire Muslims take a look at the following articles and clips:

Wilders is a man of integrity who has been unjustifiably vilified by the British press and political establishment.

14 July 2010 at 19:27
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