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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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  2. @frasereC4 dvlpd 5 years ago, It was only a matter of time before the Police force got them here -
    @frasereC4 In fact I would have expected them to have arrived by about mid 2008, to tie in with the Civil contingencies act,14 minutes ago via web in reply to frasereC4@frasereC4 and with the EU police powers that that entailed the current police force to use that kind of force, It comes as no surprise that14 minutes ago via web in reply to frasereC4his weapon has finally been used in Britain. Let me tell you something about ACPO people They do not know what is going on13 minutes ago via web have spoken to the commissioning officer of bedfordshire police, He was completely clueless. The person who commissions the surveysPeter somebody, They have no idea because they are unaware of EU law and the statutory instruments that affect the police force at the11 minutes ago via webcurrent time, The whole thing is a shambles. Just imagine if three people like Mr Moat had done the same thing in three different areas -11 minutes ago via webat exactly the same time, One on Dartmoor, One in the Highlands of Scotland and Moat in Northumberland, The poor police force would be10 minutes ago via webhaving Kittens, We already have the words of that officer who said Well hes not going to be coming down the high street, and yet he did thatliterally 4 hours later. Frankly most people in Britain yourself included have no idea what is happening. You have to have some kind ofsixth sense, & a keen eye to pick up such stuff.My Grandfather was head of CID 4 20 million people, as well as being a High Court Barrister for the British in Punjab Pre partition, I.e. the Whole of Punjab under the British. Time to wake up You have had the wool pulled over your
    eyes, for so long that you  are like the frog in the warm water  and dont know until you get boiled, Granpa was also head of CID for Himachal Pradesh
    Thankfully my mother god rest her soul used to warn me about Black money I never understood what she meant but now I do. There is corruption that runs through the highest strata of society, The tea clippers didn't just carry tea They carried opium, Follow the money , Same with the modern day heroin trail, Find the acetic anhydride manufacturers and where the heroin routes cross and you have your pushers, BP is one of the most prolific consumers of acetic anhydride which is needed for heroin production, It gets shipped here in TIR lorries,from Bulgaria I find it completely amazing that the head editor for Channel 4 is unaware Instead of me typing several twitter messages why dont you ask me to meet you and explain in full gory detail.? Im perfectly happy 2 share this information with U. Follow me & DM an email I live in London



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